Elixirs for the Modern Day


The Heart of the Art

Perfumers, in one way or another, are tapping the effects of fragrance.  There are some who consciously blend fragrance for effects that go beyond scent itself.  It is in this vein that we have taken a deep dive into the physics of scent, and also asked it to be a carrier of additional energies that resonate with particular features or qualities of the human spirit or mind.

That might seem to be a stretch or a little opaque, but stop to remember that all things are born of energy.  Everything has its own energetic signature or “energyprint” (like a blueprint or having a unique fingerprint).  The existence of a thing is energy manifested into the physical, and importantly, the invisible energetic signature remains.  

The unseen, it can then be said, is reflected in the seen. The world of spirit is known by the material world.  Therefore, we see that nature and the universe are the reflection of the invisible world.  That world is one of subtle energies or forces that materialize into grosser energies and matter.

Each thing in nature has a particular spirit, or energy, or powers that make it what it is.  What it is becomes known by its qualities and behaviors. Its chemistry, biology, scent, and more.  Those tell you about its invisible and inherent reality.  These can be called “signs”.

You know a plant because its qualities include leaves, roots, flowers, stems, and fragrance.  You know its behavior because you observe that it turns toward the sun to grow, its roots grow in search of nutrients from the soil, its shape, and where it can thrive.  You learn what its powers are when you carefully study it, meditate on it, or take it into yourself as medicine.

The Recipient

Humans too have energies or powers, qualities and behaviors.  These particular energies transcend those of the mineral, plant, or animal, and even nature itself.  Although our body is bound to the strict rules of nature, as are other creatures, we have a second reality that predominates over nature.  We fly without wings, move faster than our legs can run, and speak to someone that is farther away than sound can carry.

This second reality includes our conscious powers of imagination, reflection, comprehension, memory, and a faculty that links or communicates our physical reality, via our senses, to our consciousness.  It is through our unique consciousness that we harness nature and discover hidden realities.  Thought is our true reality.

Humans have additional energies, often latent.  Due to the magnificence of these powers, humans are capable of awesome feats of transcendent beauty.  Therefore we say that these are “inner beauties”. 

For example, as humans, we all have the archetypal energy of the magician within us.  It represents the inner power that has the ability to move things from the unseen to the seen, from above to below.  It is found in the engineer who conceives of a bridge in her mind, and sets forth the method to manifest it.  And so a bridge becomes a reality.  It is in the chef who imagines a special dish and then prepares it.  This is the energy or power that we call Creativity.

But moving things from the unseen to the seen is not always easy.  It is like learning to walk.  We must locate the muscles, then gain control of them, and then master walking under all conditions.

The Perfume

Each perfume we create has an aura of, or the quality of outer beauty in the same key as one of your inner beauties or powers.  We then augment the natural energy of the perfume to enhance its feel and effect, to bring you an experience that is more than an enjoyable luxury; it is beneficial and uplifting as well.  

Although it is an oxymoron, while our perfume is a luxury, it is also indispensable for the caliber of life we ultimately seek.  Necessary for physical life?  No, in that sense it is a luxury.  But as  you may sense, your other life benefits immensely.  A subtle but invaluable tuner to a station you want.  A nudge.

This happens in great part because the perfume behaves like a mirror to, or tuning fork of, the invisible energies you possess.  You may already be aware of this phenomenon of tuning.  For example, you may have noticed that being around courageous people seems to improve your own Courage.  The courageous person rubs off on you, not only by example, but through their strong energy of courage that causes yours to begin to resonate more strongly.  This is like one tuning fork activating the same vibration in another.

You want friends like that that.  They are allies.  Better yet, be a friend to yourself.


Like other perfumers, we find an “inspiration” to inform the creation of a perfume.  Perfumers want to give you a beautiful and particular experience.  Some choose a singular-something like a rose or a bouquet.  Some choose to give you a feeling of sexual attractiveness.  Others choose a different mood.  Still others try to bring back a memory or describe one reality or another.  

We choose to bring you the fragrance of the powers of who you really are, in all your amazing physical and transcendent beauty. 

As an aside may we add that while the mystery of aphrodisia remains unsolved, we think that the energies of human beauties are timelessly, profoundly attractive.  Who is it that is not attracted to courage?  It turns a frog into prince and a wallflower into princess.  Added to the physical beauty of perfume, stories like Cleopatra’s  emerge.


For ease of understanding, we have named the qualities and behaviors of our IntuiScents,  “SCENT“, “ENERGY“, and “ECHO“.   These are explained, below.  “Courage”, one of our inspirations, will be used as an example.  

Whether or not any of the human energies like Courage are actually developed and used, happens by choice.  However, there are conditions and variables that help that to happen, such as the effect on you by 1) the qualities, actions, and energy of the scent (molecules) of plants, and 2) the energetic signature of Courage.


a nudge, an ally, and an edge



Fragrance and Feeling

Molecules Elevate Mood and Attitude

Communicate with Intuition Via Body, Nerve, and Emotion . . .

Via IntuiScent

Beautiful fragrance, though physical, elevates our emotions and thought to a higher octave.

In perfume, when Beauty is inhaled, it penetrates and diffuses into our inmost self, moving nerves and the climate of our cells.  With shifts in thought, emotion is stirred.  It is touching.  We are soothed, revived, or stimulated.  It’s a feeling, brought on by the molecules or chemistry and various natural energies, including the energy of Beauty itself.

Perfume has always been an elixir of transportation, mysterious in its appeal, and fleeting in its presence.  Why one perfume is loved one day and another the next, or why a genre of perfume seduces one generation and not another is a subject for research.  Perfume is enigmatic.

Like the attraction to another person, the magnetism we have with perfume can be more than a love for its beauty.  When we are drawn to something, it is a sign, an intuition of what we cannot know in the beginning.  There is a reason.

Indeed, our body and intuition can “know” before our rational consciousness can.  Science has proven this.  We are led by the nose so to speak.  What is “attractive” tells of things unseen.  The language that is being spoken is one of fragrance and energy, with cues from the body, intuition, and spirit.

As we create a perfume inspired by Courage, we strive to give it the scent of Courage, (a blog for a different day).  We also strive to facilitate acting with Courage

A palette of intelligent essences is chosen to include those that are known to fortify body, nerves, and emotions.  We choose strong molecules with fight and verve.  We choose steadying molecules, and those that speak to the heart for the sake of Love. 

Why activate the heart to help remind it of Love? Because what we Love — that which inspires us and gives us Hope and Belief, will increase Trust.  Love, Hope, Belief, and Trust,  are critical variables in the expression of Courage.  These [additional] inner powers are strong enough to reduce fear and overcome fear.  The vision they impart, greatly helps us to carry forward in times of fear; body and nerves willing.

It should be stated that these powers are available to all, regardless of formal belief-systems.  They are human powers.

The combination of essences we select address the physical and emotional part of Courage — the way it smells and feels.  This is more than a metaphor or poetic license.  The more one is fortified, and the less fear has a grip, the more one is able to draw courage from within.   That is to say, to increase Courage one must decrease fear.  Put another way, the proportion of fear to Courage must lessen.  All things that do this, physical or non-physical, are of value.

The fragrance and energy of this perfume will attract the courageous, as well as those who seek Courage.  The fragrance draws those who need it at the moment — and those who are committed to living life with courage.

Fragrance done this way becomes a sensual and energetic mirror.  It reflects the energy of Courage within you. This is the energy of being true, confident, enthusiastic, and brave.   It becomes a unique perfume that is as strengthening as it is beautiful.   Beauty that has your mental-emotional back. 

It is like an ally.  You are stronger.  You have an edge.



An Energetic Mirror of the Finer You

Mind and Mission

Intui-tune to Channel Your Beauty !

Continuing with the example of Courage, the energy from the fragrance and feeling in the perfume is enriched to mirror to you, the signature energy of Courage within you.  That which is uniquely, naturally you!

The reality is noted by your intuition.   The effect is like a tuning fork, or like a nudge in the right direction.  It is not fancy.  No fireworks.   But you can sense it.  As mentioned earlier, the effect is similar to when you are around a courageous person.  Their energy draws out the same in you.

Intuition is one of the superpowers of the human spirit.  It is produced by the action or behavior of a human faculty that is in-between the physical and non-physical, neither fully one nor fully the other.  It serves to link or communicate our physical reality with our ethereal reality of thought.  It produces a sensation or gut feeling, which is an amalgam of the input from all human powers or energies — physical (our senses) and non-physical, which includes stored personal knowledge and impressions of universal knowledge.  

It is your intuition and mind-spirit that is able to locate and tap your own Courage with the help of the attunement provided.  With use, a pathway or tract develops to give you a keener feel for, access to, and quickening of that energetic inner reality.  This occurs through learning the ethereal and physical feeling, and also from seeing the outward effects of the elixir as you continue to use it.

The signature energy tunes and your intuition guides but it is the spirit-you, your mind that chooses.   Love.  Trust.  Keep Hope.  Believe.  Be Courageous!  You will find it comes faster and or more effectively because you are connecting with the physical and etheric fragrance and energy of Courage within yourself.  

A quickening.



Effects Grow, Emanating On

Mode and Manner

Go Beyond!

Make waves beautifully!

The more you are beautiful, the more you are beautiful.  Mastery of one human power increases your capacity to master another.  The more you do, the more your outer beauty illumines. 

Also, as with thought and intent, the energetic-echo from the SCENT, ENERGY, and YOU transcends physical boundaries.  It is non-local.  A universal echo if you will.

When you are uplifted, when you have more of the quality of Courage and behave courageously, you pull others with you. You become the tuning fork.  Sometimes it will observably help another.  Other times it mysteriously does good in a way that you may never know about, although your intuition might sense those ‘shifts’ in the fabric of life that make you wonder.

Just as mysteriously, the energy and effects come back around to you in unsuspected and beneficial ways. 


Mystics, physicists, and lovers agree that all things correspond with all other things. Beautiful energy positively affects your life and in turn will positively affect others as the energy emanates on. 

When your actions harmonize with the energy, a tiny flame grows and spreads . . . as invisibly and sweetly as perfume in the air. 

You were born to be fragrant. 

“When this perfuming of the depths disappears, leaving only a perfuming of the surface, and when perfume ceases to ensure its role of fluid of eternal or earthly life – to be only a light liquor dedicated exclusively to elegance, it is fatally affected by a loss of meaning. And even in this ultimate function, its growing divorce with the living nature, the vegetable matter, will induce a deficit of its sensuality.”