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Creating our fragrances starts with curating rare and vibrantly beautiful materials. As we handcraft each perfume, we carefully select each ingredient based on its fragrance and its intrinsic benefit. We then take steps to enhance its feeling and effect, ensuring that it is just right before we cellar it to reach its smooth and unique symphony. 

Our carriers include
Undenatured, Organic Alcohol:  Grain · Grape · Cane · Other organic specialty alcohol


Organic, wild crafted, and conventionally grown botanicals with other organic materials in the form of essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, natural-isolates, and tinctures of:











Aquatic plants

Other naturals


A whole aromatic oil that is extracted from various raw organic materials and has the following qualities:

  • Richer and more complex, multiple notes in one
  • Experienced as a 3-dimensional smell
  • Not “sheer”; has a full-bodied feel and smell
  • Natural smelling and feeling;  may contain ‘earthy’ notes
  • Incomparable to a synthetic or natural isolate in smell
  • More balanced and balancing to the body
  • Of greater ‘plant intelligence’ and is synergistic
  • Less are clear in color.  Commonly richly pigmented


A single molecule from the whole aromatic, obtained by advanced techniques and has the following qualities:

  • Largely a one-note fragrance
  • Experienced as a 1-dimensional smell
  • More ‘sheer’ and less substantial in feel and smell
  • Less natural smelling than a whole aromatic
  • Similar to a synthetic in smell but commonly more beautiful
  • Not balancing to the body
  • Of less ‘plant intelligence’ and is non-synergistic
  • Less are pigmented.  Commonly clear in color

Lone, pure white lotus blossom with a center of multiple, bright golden stigmas. The blossom has water droplets on all the petals. Fresh looking.

Synergy is when two or more elements combine and work together to give an additional effect, beyond the effect of each individual element.  That is to say, synergy is the nature-endowed, intelligent power of the [cooperative] whole.  

Mother Nature is very wise in creating smart plants and other elements.  In her grand design, the human body and the environment have evolved together over the eons.  Plant compatibility with our bodies is generally high.

On the other hand, any isolated molecule has no synergy.  But it is not inert. It still has an action, which will be exclusively its own for two reasons:

1) It is not in the smaller and proportional amount found naturally within the parent-oil.

2) It no longer has its natural partners and modifiers, also found within the parent-oil.

An everyday example of synergy is whole milk.  Its isolates consist of water and  different kinds of fat, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.  While any one of milk’s isolates are not harmful per se, it is also true that too much of one without the others will not do as well in nourishing the calf.


Natural perfumes are made of nature-created aromatics.   That is to say, all the molecules are found in nature and are from nature.

Some synthetic aromatics are called “bio-identical”.  They are modeled after a natural molecule.  Most chemists and perfumers consider these molecules to be absolutely identical.  However, it has been proven that bio-identical molecules are not necessarily fully identical to the ones in nature.  For an example, visit the Royal Society of Chemistry to learn about Vanillin.   

Other synthetics are not found in nature to begin with. The human body and the environment have not evolved with them.  As time goes by, first one, and then another synthetic isolate in this category are proving to be harmful to humans and the environment.  Whether this will be the case for others is yet to be determined.



The perfumes also carry the energy-prints of inner power and inner beauty that work with your faculty of intuition. 

Our Perfumed Intuitive Elixirs can be worn as perfume, without further thought, for a modest benefit. 

Or, you can consciously use them to greater effect.