There is no doubt that the forces of higher worlds

interplay with the forces of this plane.

Beauty is one such force, a spiritual or non-material energy

that emanates from the unseen to the seen.

This powerful and creative force of beauty comes from within,

and lights up all beauty in you and others. 

The energy of beauty can be found in all things uplifting,

(like a light illuminating a lamp.

Even the plainest lamp, when it’s full of light,

becomes desirable and valuable. 

Whereas a fabulously wrought lamp,

that gives no light, is useless.)

It is the energy of beauty that penetrates from the spirit

and gives the heart wings.

It is the energy or force of a beautiful fragrance

that determines its luxurious, uplifting feeling.

Just as repeating patterns in nature replicate themselves,

so it is with ethereal realities like beauty.

To set in motion the replication of beauty,

to increase beauty, one chooses beauty in all things.

Start small with a gentle word, a clean floor, or even a single wildflower

in a glass on the table.  Notice the shift in energy.

 Soon you will emanate beauty, becoming a magnet for more.

You tap in.  You become attuned.

Do this for 40 days to see the beginning of yourself recreated.  You will be.

And look more beautiful too.  It is the light of beauty showing up.

Continued, you’ll learn to predict what brings the most beauty to life.

Dare to believe and illuminate your lamp.

Let beauty lead you in service, business, or in perfuming yourself.

It will better your life, and then other’s, and then the world. 

Light travels.