Bergamot, Neroli, White Fir, Rhododendron leaf, Rose, Orange Blossom, Zdravets, Oakmoss, Ambergris

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d     r     e     a     m        c     a     t     c     h     e     r

Fresh Sweet Leafings

Reverie opens to the first notes of spring, of fresh leaves holding tight buds of faint floral sweetness, calling you to a world apart. Standing at your garden gate, the air hints at warmer days, and the mountains wait beyond. Evergreens and rhododendrons beckon you to freedom. You find yourself beneath a canopy of trees, resting on new leafings emerging from the mossy carpeted forest floor. There, in intimate repose you discover a verdant and musky retreat that welcomes your deeply rooted dreams to come out and play.


 “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”



By Size

Travel Size ~ 3 ml roll-on bottle

Mid-Size ~  15 ml spray bottle

Full-Size ~ 30 ml spray bottle


The Scent

Green, Herbal, Evergreen, Mossy, Musky

Just slightly sweet with mere undertones of fresh floral notes.

The Feel

Dreamy ~ Contemplative

Stable ~ Grounding

Fresh ~ Renewing

Airy ~ Clearing


Feels akin to solitude, late winter’s segue into spring, gentle May afternoons on a park bench, days in nature, a meditative stroll in the forest, and cool summer’s ease.

The feeling of nature that touches more lightly on life in a deep, dreamy sort of way.

Remembering that scent also telegraphs to others, even at subliminal levels, makes wearing REVERIE a perfect choice when stepping lightly would help.  Telegraphs peacefulness, thoughtfulness, possibility.

By Occasion

Lends best to

Late Winter – Spring ~ Summer ~ Daytime ~ Warm Evenings

By Gender

Leans very slightly masculine; largely gender neutral

REVERIE is very lightly sweet with bright, semi-tart notes that dry-down to a mossy muskiness.  Floral notes are not prominent; more like the prelude to the bloom.

REVERIE was inspired by the Inner Beauty of Commitment, which has no gender.

By Ingredients

Whole Natural Aromatics blended with Natural Isolates


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