Peach, Vanillin, Bois de Rose, Incense Woods, Agarwoods, Vanilla, Beeswax, Ambergris

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b     e     e        k     i     n     d

Honeyed Vanilla & Incense Woods

Apiarist is generous from top to bottom. From the moment the fragrance greets you, it lavishes you with creamy, sweet, yet unbeguiling vanilla, garnished with a gentle touch of peach. Once beyond first infatuation, honeyed notes of deeper vanilla spread like drizzled love, intimately exuding a cocoon of deeply satisfying, sustaining, campfire and fruity agerwoods, warm incense woods, and golden ambergris that surround you with a skin to skin feeling of contented bliss.


 “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


By Size

Travel Size ~ 3 ml roll-on bottle

Mid-Size ~  15 ml spray bottle

Full-Size ~ 30 ml spray bottle

The Scent

Vanilla (sweet but non-cloying), Incense, Woody, Campfire

with light touches of Peach throughout

The Feel

Warm ~ Connecting

Soft ~ Soothing


The feeling is one of comfort, warmth, cocooning, belonging, sensuality, satisfaction, loving and being loved, sweet kindness, gentleness, generosity and well-being.

The sensation is similar to a loving, nurturing family, warm desert, and intimate, safe surroundings.

Remembering that scent also telegraphs to others, even at subliminal levels, makes wearing APIARIST a perfect choice when promoting belonging and reducing anxiety in others would be of use.  Telegraphs comfort, ease, loving-kindness.

By Occasion

Lends best to

Fall ~ Winter Daytime & Evenings, Spring & Summer evenings

By Gender

Apiarist leans slightly Feminine

The creamy sweetness associates with a soft gentleness, yet the warm, woody, campfire notes take the perfume deeper and stronger and will absolutely compliment the right man.  In the same way, these notes mitigate the ultra-femininity of other vanillas.

APIARIST was inspired by the Inner Beauty of Benevolence, which has no gender.

By Ingredients

Whole Natural Aromatics blended with Natural Isolates


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