Peach, Vanillin, Bois de Rose, Incense Woods, Agarwoods, Vanilla, Beeswax, Ambergris

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Honeyed Vanilla & Incense Woods

Apiarist is generous from top to bottom. From the moment the fragrance greets you, it lavishes you with creamy, sweet, yet unbeguiling vanilla, garnished with a gentle touch of peach. Once beyond first infatuation, honeyed notes of deeper vanilla spread like drizzled love, intimately exuding a cocoon of deeply satisfying, sustaining, campfire and fruity agarwoods, warm incense woods, and golden ambergris that surround you with a skin to skin feeling of contented bliss.


 “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


By Size

Travel Size ~ 3 ml roll-on bottle

Mid-Size ~  15 ml spray bottle

Full-Size ~ 30 ml spray bottle

The Scent

Vanilla (sweet but non-cloying), Incense, Woody, Campfire*.  Light accents of Peach and Honey throughout that touch just the edges of APIARIST like a once-brushed, sheer glaze.

*After smelling APIARIST on many people, we discovered that it, (more than most perfumes), smells quite distinct on each person.  On some, the golden glow of the incense woods and honey becomes dominant and the vanilla plays second-fiddle.  On others, the vanilla dominates.  Yet others find that the smokey-woody-campfire notes dominate.  About 30% of the people wearing APIARIST have the chemistry to manifest all three distinct scent-players in unity.

The Feel

Warm ~ Connecting

Soft ~ Soothing

Surrounding ~ Inviting

The feeling is one of comfort, warmth, cocooning, belonging, sensuality, satisfaction, loving and being loved, sweet kindness, gentleness, generosity and well-being.  The sensation is similar to a loving, nurturing family, warm desert, and intimate, safe surroundings.  Some feel it as a satisfying or relaxing feeling.

Remembering that scent also telegraphs to others, even at subliminal levels, makes wearing APIARIST a perfect choice when promoting belonging and reducing anxiety in others would be of use.  Telegraphs comfort, ease, loving-kindness.

By Occasion

Lends best to

Fall and Winter Daytime & Evenings, Summer evenings

By Gender

At once feminine and masculine, based on traditional notions of “masculine” or “feminine”.

Each unique person reflects a portion of both traits.  Each has a unique chemistry.  And our perfume is unique.  It is a new perfume.  Your nose, body, and Inner Dreamer will know what is right for you.

  APIARIST was inspired by the Inner Beauty of Benevolence, which has no gender.

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By Ingredients

Whole Natural Aromatics blended with Natural Isolates


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