The Inspiration

Reverie is the first perfume in a trilogy, inspired by Commitment. This inspiration delves into the mysteries of the path; the architecture of the journey of the Inner Dreamer.

Within the invisible power of this Inner Beauty hides a secret of the end of things –in the beginning.  Each phase of its power, if faithfully wielded by the Dreamer, brings a triumph, often beyond the expected.     

Together, these three connected perfumes form the first chapter of the apologue and call forth in fragrance that which the Dreamer seeks.  

The Concept

For Reverie, the intent was to create a natural olfactive sensation of deep introspection and inner dreaming from the heart; the state of soul-searching for one’s own truth, who we are and what we are meant to be doing—or even a small, right-decision, all of which, only we can know.  It is a quiet, still state of search, a contemplation of a choice, the precursor to committing.

To achieve this, we looked to those aromatics from nature with elemental signatures of still water, (deep thought and the water in our cells as tuning forks), the pensive, portentous times in nature prior to great activity, (preparation or great promise), and the embodiment of loftiness, (high-minded, cool headed).  And because the act of reverie is a search, we looked for elements that reveal the end in the beginning; signs of the potential reality that is found deep within, like the seed which contains the tree and like a commitment which contains our dreams.

The Intelligence of the Ingredients

BERGAMOT (Tunisia), an elegant citrus note that brings lift to the fragrance and the spirit. It’s a fresh, greenish-tart note, an opening nod to “green behind the ears”, (which we can be, many times over in our lives).  The beauty of being green, (not knowing), is the openness to learning, even to seeking.  The sunny aspect of citrus, (cheering) is toned in Bergamot to a balance between sweet and sour (neutral ground), a less disruptive presence to a meditative mind.

ORANGE BLOSSOM and NEROLI (Tunisia and Italy), flowery and green, are used in suggestive-dilution and in conjunction with other fresh greenery to link the mind to the promise and hope of flowering-to-come, or of potentialities.

RHODODENDRON LEAF (Nepal), a Himalayan evergreen shrub, carries a green and wet floral note reminiscent of the tight buds and new greenery of early spring.  It has an airy coniferous note that interprets as fresh cool air and new beginnings. Rhododendron leaf is used in monasteries, where meditative states are sought.

FIR, SPRUCE, and PINE (Switzerland, Canada, France) were added in the top, middle, and base notes to nudge up the airy, inspiratory feeling, analogous to “inspiration”. The great evergreen conifers signal strength and standing tall. Conifer forests, typical of mountainous altitudes, speak to the climb involved in reaching a summit, a goal, or accomplishment.  Fresh air clears the state of mind.

ZDRAVETS (Romania) continues the early spring feeling into the base notes, and is a segue from overhead leafiness to the more grounded mossy green found on the forest floor.  It’s rich, deep, verdant aroma, along with the other base notes bring to memory the comfort of mother nature’s womb; the fertile earth.

OAKMOSS’ (France) mossy fragrance, along with touches of rooty, earthy materials, contrasts with the airy loftiness of the conifers, bringing us back to earth. Commitment is a path we choose.  It is the transducive inner power that brings dreams into form.  A path, after all, is the earth beneath our feet.  If a commitment is kept, the path leads on and up to our dreams and goals. Thus, in Reverie, the full range of the nature of commitment becomes foreshadowed.

AMBRETTE SEED (India) lends muskiness and gives note to the seed-like potentiality in a dream and the feeling of possibility.  As tiny as a seed is, it’s this small packet of wonder that becomes a mighty tree.

AMBERGRIS (New Zealand), a gorgeous, deeply satisfying animalic fragrance, left in the ocean by deep-diving whales, speaks to our seawater bodies of the origins of life, (beginnings, roots, and water as our core tuning fork).  It is a soothing, physical, base note essence, yet its beauty shines throughout REVERIE.  The pleasurable scent and creature comfort it brings joins the other essences in REVERIE to create calming cues to the body, as if opening a quiet room where the deep mind and heart may be heard.


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