Benevolence inspires the perfumes of the third chapter of our apologue, and energetically reflects the same.

The Dreamer, wielding the power of this Inner Beauty, casts enchanted acts on the plane of life that ripple outward in time, shifting the future and fabric of the world.  Visibly and invisibly it changes lives and history.

Along the way, as the Inner Dreamer beholds the power of the realm of Benevolence, greater secrets unfold. As the apprentice becomes the master, an exquisite new world appears,  unimaginable before.


For APIARIST, the intent was to create a natural olfactive sensation of warmth, happiness, and contentment generated by benevolent feelings of the kind typically experienced with family, friends, close associates, and lovers.  This is the inner circle where benevolence is first learned and expressed.  Loving-kindness, Caring, and Sharing were our inspirations.

To achieve this, we looked to those aromatics from nature that bear elemental signatures of the primary family unit, the bonded tribe, cooperation, caring and sharing, loving kindness, and gentleness.  In these settings, intimate contact, shared meals, cooperative service, and the warmth of hearth and home come into play.


BEESWAX (France) carries the olfactive animalic signature of the peaceful bee, an obvious corollary for sweet loving-kindness and the bond it forms between people.  The six-sided structure of the honeycomb, a hexagon, is associated in mysticism with love, order, and the potential for creating life.   Benevolence, a powerful Inner Beauty, creates the same. 

HONEY (France) is the epitome of sweet nurturing and nourishing.  It has protective elements in it.  Creation of honey and the honeycomb involves each bee gently interacting with the flower and giving of itself in selfless cooperation with the hive.  Sweetness upon sweetness. 

VANILLA (Madagascar) continues with nourishment analogizing loving kindness.  It has a sweet, creamy, milk-like, skin-like association to the mother; the primary Encoder of gentle kindness.  Its nature is akin to the deeply sustaining gift of the lover.  The scent of vanilla is almost universally loved as a uniquely comforting, smooth, and satisfying fragrance that imparts a sensual version of the invisible energy of Benevolence.

PEACH (France) imparts the light-bearing, sunny (CHEERFUL) quality of the water-filled (life-giving) fruit.  Peaches are one of nature’s most kind and generous gifts.  It quenches thirst, appeases hunger, and its softness imparts a soothing quality to the mouth.  It is an underplayed note in APIARIST; a nudge that slightly lifts the flatter, deeper sweetness of vanilla, honey, and beeswax.

AGARWOOD(s)OUD” (Vietnam and India) are notes that speak to our ancient connectivity of tribe through many millennia of the campfires and hearth-fires of home.  It gives anchor to the blend, behaving like a paternal balance to the sweet maternal vanilla, protecting the perfume from over-sweetness.  An additional fruity agarwood extends the subtle peach under-notes into the base of the perfume and adds body and character — not unlike the underpinning and uplifting that Benevolence itself provides.