Enjoy a taste of all three of our new fragrances to decide which is your favorite before purchasing a bottle.

Each vial is .08ml

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A convenient way to try all of the Names of Beauty Collection perfumes from Apologue Perfumes’ inaugural release:

  • REVERIE, A Barely Floral, Modern, Fresh Chypre
  • DAUNTLESS, A Warm, Vintage, Spiced Floriental
  • APIARIST, A Gently Sweet, Vanilla Gourmand

The Flight consists of three .08ml vials.


“Choose well, and with every step take courage!  Along the way, be kind.”


Evaluating Your Sample

Getting to know your perfume and know yourself as you wear our perfume:

  • Give the alcohol time to evaporate before taking your first whiff.  (About 15 seconds, more or less)
  • Wear the perfume on at least 2-3 separate days and under varied conditions such as working, relaxing, heated air, out-doors, etc.  Many things affect how perfumes behave and how you perceive them.
  • Try wearing perfume in various ways such as on dark clothing, your hair, your beard, several areas of skin, or scent jewelry.
  • Consciously smell it often, enjoying the journey as the notes progressively change while the dry-down proceeds.  Do you love each layer of smell?
  • Consciously experience how you feel when wearing the fragrance and notice what it does for you.  Does it feel good throughout the wearing?

We want you to be happy with your purchase and avoid unnecessary stress, cost and hassle from buying a bottle before you know if you love it or not.


Although allergies are on the rise, especially in city-dwellers, our longtime experience is that natural perfumes are less problematic than synthetics but not risk free.

If you are prone to have sensitivities or allergies, before you engage in wide-spread use of a perfume it is a good idea to:

  • Place a small amount on the tender skin on the inside of your forearm, (roughly a 1-2-inch circle).
  • Observe the site and your overall well-being for either 10 minutes or 24 hours, depending on the degree of the problem you have had in the past.
  • Notice symptoms such as swelling, redness, itching or irritation or any kind.
  • Watch for any tightening in your air passages.  Asthmatics can often wear our perfume, but just in case be prepared to get fresh air or keep your inhaler on standby.

If you love perfume and have had trouble in the past with “perfumes”, you may want to try our natural perfume.  You may fall in love and be pleasantly surprised and even find yourself uplifted by the ability of our perfumes to transport the way you feel.


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