A trio of cute little sniff-only dots; one each of REVERIE, DAUNTLESS, and APIARIST.
Each dot comes in its own sealed, air-tight envelope.

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Scent Dots are a unique way to experience the fragrance itself and to find out if you like it.  The longevity of the perfume on the Scent Dot is dramatic; it will be retained for days and weeks, providing a long “slow-motion” period of time to intimately get to know the perfume.

Scent Dots are also a good indicator of how a perfume will smell and perform on your hair, clothing or scent jewelry.  Once you know that you like a particular fragrance, and if you will be wearing the perfume on your skin, we recommend that you order a Flight to learn how the perfume performs with your personal chemistry.  Scent Dots are not a replacement for a Flight.