A trio of cute little sniff-only dots; one each of REVERIE, DAUNTLESS, and APIARIST.
Each dot comes in its own sealed, air-tight envelope.

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Scent Dots are a unique way to experience the fragrance itself and to find out if you like it.  The longevity of the perfume on the Scent Dot is dramatic; it will be retained for days and weeks, providing a long “slow-motion” period of time to intimately get to know the perfume.

Scent Dots are also a good indicator of how a perfume will smell and perform on your hair, clothing or scent jewelry.  Once you know that you like a particular fragrance, and if you will be wearing the perfume on your skin, we recommend that you order a Flight to learn how the perfume performs with your personal chemistry.  Scent Dots are not a replacement for a Flight.


  1. Open the packet and let it breathe, keeping the packet open to air for about 30 seconds to allow the alcohol to evaporate away.
  1. Then, you can either keep the Scent Dot in its envelope or remove it and set it somewhere handy.
  1. Smell it a couple times per hour for the first few hours.  Then smell it every 1-3 hours for the first few days.  Thereafter, smell it once or twice daily.

The scent will very slowly go through the same evaporation phases as when on skin.  Top notes are gone within a few hours, the middle notes in days, and the base notes linger weeks.


Scent Dots can be used for more than a way to sample our perfume.  Due to their remarkable longevity in holding our fragrances, there are other uses for them.

If you buy the perfume, you can easily refresh the Scent Dot for a long-term luxury “sachet” effect.  Here are a few ways we use them for luxury scenting:

  • Placed in a clothing drawer
  • Tucked in a purse or wallet
  • Slipped inside a pillowcase

The uses expand with your imagination.