Bitter Orange, Geranium, Spiced Ylang & Rose, Resins, Conifers

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f     e     a     r         n     o       f     e     a     r

Spiced Rose & Ylang

Dauntless is a dichotomy of soothing sweetness and rousing robustness. Like a steed out of the gates, it opens on the body with an engaging, focusing lift of bitter orange and geranium. The floral ylang-ylang and rose heart of Dauntless is wreathed in spice. As the perfume advances deep into the visceral base notes, a moving fire of sweet oriental resins, conifer heartwoods, and musk carries you through your most challenging days or your fiercest nights with a dynamic, undaunted vintage beauty.


“Be valiant, and powerful forces will come to your aid.”


By Size

Travel Size ~ 3 ml roll-on bottle

Mid-Size ~  15 ml spray bottle

Full-Size ~ 30 ml spray bottle

The Scent

Rich, Sweet, Spicy, Resinous, Balsamic

with Floral notes under the Spice

The Feel

Lively ~ Stimulating

Emboldening ~ Powerful

Stable ~ Grounding

Warm ~ Connecting


The summons to rouse is a universal feeling.  Yet a steadying, calming sensation is also present.  Some will interpret this as a happy feel.

– The sensation of the fiery phoenix rising from the dark night of the soul, the well-earned triumphal celebration, the hero’s hour of proof.

The feeling pairs with boldness, passion, pressing onward, intensity, extremes, danger, drive, delving in, standing the helm, carrying on, feeling sexy… or when any of the same is desired.  Wearing before and during leads you through.

Remembering that scent also telegraphs to others, even at subliminal levels, makes wearing DAUNTLESS a perfect choice when one wants an edge or must lead. Telegraphs vitality, dynamism, strength and a ‘you can’ sensation.


By Occasion

Lends best to

Fall ~ Winter ~ Evening

By Gender

Dauntless is Gender Neutral

This perfume smells equally beautiful on and is suitable to either gender.

DAUNTLESS was inspired by the Inner Beauty of Courage, which has no gender.


By Ingredients

Whole Natural Aromatics blended with Natural Isolates


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