where the essence of physical beauty rendezvous with the essence of whom you really are

Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation. It is not magical but rather a faculty in which hunches are generated by the unconscious mind rapidly sifting through past experience and cumulative knowledge.

The field of all knowledge, or the information field, is also intuitive-like in that it is available to the consciousness and comes in a form that is like a hunch.

Apologue Intuitive Perfumes interact with your own deep knowing and this field of spirit.  The connection is via a homeopathic-like energy attuned to inner beauty, such as courage, which are powers that we all possess and that can either atrophy or grow.

As your powers grow, it positively affects your outer beauty and the beauty of the world.  The energy of the Intuitive Perfumes and ‘You’ can be felt by those around you.  Some will smell it more than others and some will feel it more.  It will usually have a subliminal affect.  You can even wear the perfume on their behalf.  A fragrant thought, no?

As the process unfolds and evolves, so too will your story.

As above, so below.


The effect is uplifting.

Smell the Feeling!


Sensual Beauty.  Fragrance and Feeling

Vibrant, sublimely beautiful aromatics from nature are used to create the perfume.  Smooth, refined, and 100% Natural, 90% Organic. 

Each perfume is inspired by an inner beauty (inner power such as courage or kindness).  In the crafting it becomes an olfactive and sentient representation of it in a fractal-like pattern-in-scent.  

To create this type of fragrance, while composing the perfume, plant qualities are [also] selected for their intelligence and their nature.  This is to help your personal chemistry, your body, nerves, and emotions to increasingly manifest these inner powers. 

Combined with the ENERGY, the effect is an enchanting, uplifting feeling that uplifts and contours mood.  In turn, it will pleasantly affect the color of your thought.

To learn more, visit our blog to read about the making each perfume.




Inner Beauty.  Energetic Mirrors of the Finer You

The perfume is then further crafted to carry a homeopathic-like energy or information of the same inner beauty or inner power.   Like a minuet between the ethereal and physical, it speaks to your heart of hearts as well as your nose and nerves.  

The energy works as a nudge, an edge, and an ally.  As a subtle tuning fork.  A mirror of the invisible.  It is useful to help you locate your beauty within.

From a small, willing, personal thought to summons the  same inner beauty, (even the tiniest hope as you spritz the perfume), there is a quickening of what you are about, your dream, and the gathering of strength to manifest it.  Continued, it accelerates the blooming of who you really are, and thus, the course of your story .




Social Beauty.  Effects Grow, Emanating On

There is an echo from the SCENT and ENERGY that goes in all directions, including inwardly.  Like thought and intent, it transcends physical boundaries to gently fan the embers of your heart and thus, your beautiful dream.   When you act on it, however small, a tiny flame leaps alive and grows.

Inhale.  Smell the feeling.  Go with the subtle shift.  Go with your intuition and impulse to positively use your inner beauty, even if it happens in unusual ways.  Give it a little time.  Watch.  Trust.

You can read about the inner beauties (powers) in our blog and various perfume pages. 

Meanwhile, an extra echo is sent forth.  Part of y/our money-energy (from purchase) will go to protect and educate girls in need.  Research has shown that investing in uplifting a girl is the most effective means to uplift all of humanity.  

Beyond the energy of the money, the very energy-echo of caring and sacrifice has a power of its own that will positively influence the girl and you.  Though at first you may remain unaware of its effect, it will assuredly happen. 

“Everything is energy.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. 

This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”



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