shapeshifter; noun

  1. one that seems able to change form or identity at will
  2. a [Native American] person capable of magical transformation into the body of an animal for the purpose of healing and protecting their community

Beauty is a Shapeshifter, yet it always appears as itself. 

Beauty, like light, appears different in every form on which it shines, yet it is still beauty.  Light, when shining through blue glass appears blue and, on a leaf, it appears green.  Yet it is always the light that we see, reflecting.

There is a magical attraction about Beauty that transforms, heals, and elevates. 

In its most sensible form, Beauty appears in the arts; musical, visual, tactile, literary, and scent arts.    If reflected in music, Beauty is a resonating, melodic sound.  Found in a sculpture, it entrances the eye.  Found on a face, it is radiant and pleasing.  In the heart of another it is the magnificent Beauty of perfect uniqueness.

Science and nature are full of Beauty.  The contemplation of either is a source of transcendence, beyond the mundane.  Concepts from an artist’s imagination or a scientist’ deduction reveal Beauty, both seen and unseen.  A shared mind, a vision, a loving word are all Beauty-full and protective against the narrow confines of the self. 

And remarkably, if one inhales with the heart, Beauty is always fragrant.

Beauty is not an inert thing.  It’s an invisible power that merges seamlessly into our world, whispering to the course of things.  It is a creative force for quickening evolution in profound and enduring ways.  It is a healing and elevating force.  It produces joy and it moves us to think and act.  It is a power with many iterations of upliftment.  It shines on the best of life and is a secret to a life well lived.


It is wise to keep Beauty close.  Beauty is an antidote.  Like a shapeshifter, it is has magical powers that transform, heal, and protect us from the “ugly” in the world.  It is a Guide that leads when one is unsure, or young, or green, or lost, or when the heart is down. 

Follow Beauty to find the magic.  Follow it to uplift one’s life.  No matter how hard life is, or how daunting one’s task, choosing to gaze on Beauty, both outer and inner, will lead toward what one seeks.



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