A sampling of customer testimonials, given by email, event guest book entries, by phone, or in person.

A memory that came to me during my afternoon meditation:

Years ago in Japan I gazed up into a canopy of autumn leaves atop a huge maple tree, an almost translucent, deep orange-red, and I turned to my friend and said, “I want to be inside that color.”

The memory flitted across my mind as I realized that the Apologue scents draw me in the same direction – towards inward nature and outward Nature.  And now I’m thinking of course that “nature” is within and without us, and that the two are inseparable.

When I first started using the perfumes I would dab on quite a lot, as if at first I couldn’t get enough. As weeks passed I found myself putting on smaller dabs, as if the perfume’s calming effect was cumulative.

Each of the three scents (REVERIE, DAUNTLESS, APIARIST) evokes its own feeling. Common to all for me is a sense of what I might call “home”.

Susan, I’m not sure how much this has to do with knowing that you created these perfumes. It certainly enhances my experience, but it’s not the totality of what I sense, which is sort of beyond naming. My goodness, I never imagined myself to be talking about a perfume in this way! I guess it just goes beyond the “perfume” experience for me, into something more tactile and intimate.


Wow.  Beautiful!

What a great piece of writing!  Thank you for this fabulous description of your experience, Becky!   


After reading that regular perfume builds up in the ocean, causing male fish to be more feminine, I’ve been checking out natural perfume.  I like yours [DAUNTLESS].  It smells awesome and if I had to say what it feels like, it’s sort of a happy feeling, like ‘I’ve got this’.  


Kudos, Tyler, for insight.  Your reading on what the smell feels like means your intuition is alive and well and paying attention.  Keep watching! 


I was wearing DAUNTLESS and for hours after I put it on I felt confident, which is rare for me.  I usually have to tell myself I am confident, but I actually felt confident for no reason.  It was amazing.


Thank you for sharing, Cathy.  You are feeling what was already there in you.  Its reality was magnified in that it was mirrored to you.  In that sense it presented itself.  Glad you were aware.  It is part of how you get more. 


Sorry, I wish I had something better to say [about REVERIE].  I was trying to like the perfumes because I believe in them, but they are not for me.


Fair and honest, Kayla.  Thank you.


I use Dauntless before games and it really helps me to feel confident and ready to do my job!


I think I told myself that I just liked the perfume, although its purpose was intriguing.  I remember thinking how disconnected I felt; a non-fit with my life.  It might be coincidence but about six weeks after I started wearing REVERIE, I finally, totally knew I wanted to be a designer!  I just knew.


I’m glad I ordered a sample of APIARIST.  I didn’t realize what oud/agarwood was.  It adds a smokey, incense-y smell.  I just wanted a [plain] vanilla perfume.  My friend loved it so I gave the sample  to him.


Lovely. (REVERIE) Reminiscent of spring foliage and the moist coolness of forested places.  It is lighter than most true naturals, yet seems to give a feeling that I would describe as rooted.   Just so enjoyable.  Will be ordering again.


For anyone else who has moved away from friends and family, I want to say that APIARIST definitely soothes my waves of homesickness. I recommend that you intensely smell it.  It really does work. 


It is beautiful!  (APIARIST) I LOVE it.  It feels sensual.


You have some of the most beautiful natural perfumes that I have smelled. 


It (REVERIE) feels like forest-bathing, right here in New York City.  Crazy love it!


It’s (REVERIE) fresh, not in a Febreze kind of way, but in a green nature-way.  Thinking of it like color, it’s a spring green at first.  Midway it seems like an airy, pastel sort-of green that is slightly floral.  Then, as time goes by, it ends up damp, dark green. 

I only wear naturals.   I’m enjoying it a lot.


There is an intimate sensuality to this fragrance (APIARIST), partly because it has an interesting conversation between its ingredients.  It’s soft and strong all at once, which is rather unique.  While I am a vanilla lover, I wasn’t ready for this perfume.  After wearing it though, not only has it grown on me, it has moved in.


You sound like an experienced perfume connoisseur, Margaret.  Glad we slipped in under the wire!  Your wording conveys a lot.  Thanks.


I took my sample of DAUNTLESS back to Ecuador and shared it with an indigenous shaman.  He said it had power and was a healing force (my translation).  I keep it on my desk to smell it when I am discouraged or tired and need to carry on.


That is serious vetting, Lisa.  Thank you for doing that and forwarding the feedback.  Hugely appreciated.  It means a lot to us because we have worked so long toward that end.  Grateful to hear that the perfume is helping you.


After we spoke, I chose the perfume (DAUNTLESS) by the inner power it was for, and by the description of the feeling, not the description of the smell.  It was a leap of faith, as you know, because it sounded too masculine for me.  

I am writing to say it turned out great.  I liked it when I first smelled it and the smell totally got better each time I wore it.

More to the point we spoke about, it seriously helps me at work.   My “command” of the meetings is improving.  It’s making me realize that I have what it takes, more than I ever knew.  

Thank you for your amazing product and help.


As a councilor, many of my colleagues and I have come to believe that more can and should be done for our clients.  The profession needs to be open to adjunctive therapies that affect perception and perspective.  Safe and sustainable self-care practices should be increasingly encouraged as the time between mental health visits often leave clients in a painful void.

Recently I stumbled onto your website while I was looking for ways to add a new dimension to my practice.  Intrigued, I ordered REVERIE for myself.  

Interestingly, my process to transform my practice has picked up in the period after receiving the perfume.  It imparts a pleasant, quieting, mental-emotional state that opens space for awareness as ideas and direction bubble up.

The fragrance is beautiful. 

Wishing you success in your business.  


DAUNTLESS is very much like the old version of Chanel #5 that was sold 40 years ago, and nothing like the pallid version that is sold today.  I am thrilled to find it!


APIARIST is like snuggling with my husband under a cashmere blanket, drinking hot vanilla cremes by firelight in a rustic cabin.  It’s like the best of home and love rolled into one delicious thing.


Beautiful imagery, Lisa.  If that isn’t hearth and home, I don’t know what is!  Sounds delicious.