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Such is life, is it not?



Perfumery, Perfumer, & Perfume


APOLOGUE is an artisan perfume and alchemy atelier, nestled in the Pacific NW rainforest mountains.  We sell online, at events, and at select boutiques.


Her evolution began with an irresistible attraction to the exquisite, dynamic beauty of natural essences.  She went on to pioneer their use in patient care, alongside energy medicine, all the while creating natural perfumes and perfumed products for the public, business, and spas.

As her craft evolved over time, the art and practice of beauty and healing merged, flowering into a modern version of ancient perfumery, where the separation between our inner and outer reality does not exist.


The nature of natural perfume is rich, full, smooth, and mellow.  It is intimately touching and actively beneficial.  The perfumes feel as good as they smell.  They are created with vibrantly beautiful natural essences and energies that give you an intimate experience of luxury and well-being that transcend scent alone.


What We’re About

Our Names of Beauty Collection is inspired by the complex dynamics of inner beauty, or inner power — spoken through fragrance. 

In perfumery there is a tradition of naming perfumes after aspects of inner beauty such as “Joy”, “Love”, and “Radiance”.  The idea of creating fragrances to include a greater range of these qualities was intriguing.  Could perfume be coaxed into a stronger smell or feeling of the inspiration itself?  The thought of layering inner beauty with outer beauty, fragrance upon fragrance, became an irresistible path that led us further on.

It would be a challenge, so we spent a lot of time on the story boards, mapped out their release on an evolutionary time line into the future, and moved forward.

It’s been quite a journey.  What we found is crafted into our perfume; each one conceived as a fragrant mirror reflecting how beautiful you really are. . .


Why ?

At APOLOGUE, we exist to elevate the value of overlooked, fragrant and functional beauty, so you can experience yourself transported to a softer, happier, kinder reality.  The one creates the other.  Besides, it’s the best aphrodisiac around.

If we may say so, knowing that magic can come from a simple but special bottle of perfume, makes creating it a gift.  

Beautiful, fragrant energies of all kinds, positively change our personal and collective trajectory.  We could all use a bit of upliftment, and it makes us happy to provide it.

Spread the Love

Research shows that the fastest, surest way to transform humanity and protect the environment is to uplift women and girls, who in turn uplift others.

We do that through our ongoing partnership with The Hiari Project, an organization that saves girls from FGM and child marriage in exchange for giving them a high school education.

When possible, we support Pa’Arriba as well.  They help women who are enduring violence with a novel, proven, grass roots method where women help women.  They seek to reverse the climbing numbers of femicide.

Women give greater priority to protection of and improving the capacity of nature, maintaining farming lands, and caring for nature and environment’s future. Repeated studies have shown that women have a stake in [the] environment, and this stake is reflected in the degree to which they care about natural resources.”                            WIKIPEDIA

“Research suggests that women have higher levels of socialization to care about others and be socially responsible, which then leads them to care about environmental problems and be willing to adopt environmental behaviors,”



As long as women are prevented from attaining their highest possibilities, so long will men be unable to achieve the greatness which might be theirs.